Read on to view a brief synopsis of the Fizz and Buchanan mysteries. Most recent first except for "Payment Deferred", the first in the series, now re-issued by Bloody Brits Press in the U.S.A.

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When solicitor Tam Buchanan first encounters 'Fizz', his heart sinks. The young woman with the guileless expression sitting outside his Legal Advice office in Edinburgh looks far too young to stand the pace as his assistant.

But Fizz's innocent appearance belies the reality. Soon to be a mature student of Law, she's very bright, utterly single-minded - and has a rare talent for making people talk. People like Murray Kingston, who Tam to his horror finds ensconced in Fizz's office late one morning.

Widely regarded as the lowest of the low, Murray Kingston has served three years for molesting has daughter Debbie after his wife's death. Now he says he was framed, and he wants Debbie back.

His only hope is that Tam can find a way to make the Procurator Fiscal re-open the case. Is that so much to ask of an old friend?

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Always in search of a good story, Fizz finds it hard to hide her impatience when elderly Mrs. Sullivan is shown into her office. Genteel and motherly, Mrs Sullivan can only spell one thing: boredom. Fizz is more than shocked, therefore, when Mrs Sullivan asks Fizz to help prove her guilty of murder......

Could this story be too good to be true? Fizz is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and ropes in long suffering partner-in-crime Tam Buchanan. However, Buchanan, ever the gentleman, is reluctant to accept an old lady's money on a case that can only prove to be a waste of time. But is it?

This new case for dynamic detective duo Fizz and Buchanan is as puzzling as ever. For starters, hwy is Mrs Sullivan so keen to be accused of murder? Secondly, who exactly was Amanda Montrose, the murder victim: Lady of the Manor; beneficent Scottish gentlewoman; or, in Mrs Sullivan's own words, 'a scruffy little slut'?

With at least three people claiming to be Amanda's killer, it seems that there is a lot more to the Montrose murder that meets the eye.

A sparkling new addition to the Fizz and Buchanan series. See if you can follow the clues and make the connection to find the Missing Link.

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Barrister Tam Buchanan is enjoying a rare, tranquil evening on the golf course. Poised gloriously on the brink of making the shot of his life, his concentration is abruptly shattered by the rude arrival of his exasperating former colleague, Fizz Fitzpatrick.

She needs his help. An old friend of hers, Irene Lloyd, has disappeared along with a Rubens painting she had been working on, worth £1.5 million.

Fizz refuses to believe Irene is guilty of the theft, even if all the evidence points to the contrary. She and Buchanan investigate, and soon become enmeshed in a tangled web of intrigue. What exactly is going on at the stately but impoverished Abbeyfield House? Where had Irene's secret taxi journeys been taking her? Did her obsessive boyfriend have good reason for his jealousy?

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Solicitor Tam Buchanan and his friend and colleague Fizz Fitzgerald arrange to get away from it all on a hill-walking holiday in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

Unfortunately, their idyllic break is ruined somewhat when they witness an horrific car crash. Administering First Aid, Fizz and Buchanan hear the dying wish of the crash victim - a plea to protect the second passenger in the car, an elderly gentleman with a price on his head.

Taking a pit-stop to decide what to do, they are amazed to witness the police make a murderous attempt on the old man's life. Getting away from it all now includes getting as far away from the long arm of the law as possible!

Matters are made even more complicated for the pair when their new charge, Scott McKenzie, starts to tell his side of the story. More than partial to a wee dram, Scott can remember nothing about the previous few days, let alone why he should be the focus of a deadly manhunt. As they try to stop Scott pickling his brain and liver all they can glean is that a gun was fired and that somewhere there is a building with high ceilings that could be significant.

Not a lot to go on, but with lives - and careers - in the balance, Fizz and Buchanan can't back out now, even when the going gets considerably tougher…

A fast, funny and action-packed adventure, Hot Potato is the seventh book in this popular series to feature sassy, ambitious Fizz and the long-suffering Tam Buchanan.

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When Vanessa Grassick and her neighbour Jamie Ford die in a gas explosion, Tam Buchanan wishes his practice were anywhere but Edinburgh. His law firm is executor of Vanessa's will and this case is promising serious trouble.

While the police report declares the deaths a tragic accident, Tam has reason to believe that there's a lot more to them than that. (What, for instance, were Vanessa and Jamie doing together when the blast happened at half past two in the morning?) But can he afford to entertain suspicions of a cover up when Vanessa's husband is probably the most influential advocate in the city - a man whose opinion could make or break his career?

It's not long before morality (aided by a little gentle persuasion from Fizz) wins out, and Tam and his irrepressible assistant soon find themselves scouting for clues in the tiny village of Chirnside, where Mrs Grassick met her end.

Unfortunately, however set they maybe on discovering the truth, someone seems even more determined to ensure they never do.

One by one potential witnesses to the explosion are vanishing. Jamie Ford's widow, Polly, who was taken to hospital for treatment after the blast, hasn't been seen since she was released over a week ago, and no one can explain the sudden disappearance of Mr and Mrs Pringle, the Chirnside busybodies.

It's not long before Fizz and Tam begin to suspect there's a lot more to this than meets the eye, but the path to the truth is a very precarious tightrope indeed.

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When one of the better-known drug barons in Edinburgh, Chick Mathieson, is killed, lawyer Tam Buchanan finds himself reluctantly drawn into the dodgy dealings of the city's underworld.

Freddie McAuslan, the young man arrested for Mathieson's murder, has recently done time for a crime that was almost certainly committed by Mathieson himself, and Buchanan is convinced of his innocence. Aided by Fizz and her grandpa, who is in Edinburgh for an operation on his famous clicking knees, he sets out to prove it.

Although Mathieson's widow doesn't seem to be grieving for the loss of anything but her husband's money, she does give Tam and Fizz their first clue: Mathieson telephoned someone at Greenfield House the night before he was murdered. But Greenfield House is a sheltered housing unit for indigent show-biz geriatrics, a background which, on the surface, could not be further removed from the murky world of Edinburgh crime...

In order to carry out sonic undercover espionage, Fizz gets Grandpa installed at the shelter for a few days' recuperation. It soon becomes clear that no one there is quite what they first seem. But could any of the aged Thespians really have been involved in the death of Edinburgh's Mr Big? It's unlikely - but when Fizz gets caught up in the most terrifying experience of her life, it seems that she and Buchanan have got a little too close to the truth.

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It's the week before Christmas and lawyer Tam Buchanan is hoping for a quiet break to catch up on work and generally wind down. So when his cousin Mark, a GP, corners him at a family gathering with a desperate plea for help, Tam's seasonal goodwill is pushed to the limit.

Four-year-old Robin Tarrant has been kidnapped, apparently by his father - the ex-husband of Hazel, one of Mark's patients. The thought of her child in the hands of a seriously unbalanced drug addict is driving Hazel crazy but, in the face of a threat to kill Robin if the police are informed, her hands are tied. Mark's only option is to get Tam and his sleuthing partner, Fizz, on the case.

Mere kidnapping appears almost banal to Fizz but it soon becomes apparent that there's more to Robin's disappearance than meets the eye. The trail leads to the hospital in which Hazel works; to some of her colleagues who have private agendas and double lives; and to the strange demise of Doctor Arnie Baird. And finally, inescapably, to one perpetrator - whose immunity is guaranteed by the kidnapped child.

Fizz and Tam cannot see justice done without putting Robin's life in jeopardy, unless Fizz - resourceful, intuitive and often daringly foolhardy - can find a way. But this time it's not only Fizz who is walking dangerously on thin ice…

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When an elderly German tourist is found dead in his bath in an Edinburgh hotel, the post mortem shows no injury incompatible with an accidental slip on a wet surface. No one suspects foul play - not even 'Fizz.' Fitzgerald, a legal student with a remarkable talent for detective work, who is moonlighting at the hotel.

When the deceased's sister discovers that a painting her brother had bought on the day he died is not among his effects, she goes to the police. The senior officer who released the body for cremation is understandably reluctant to start a serious investigation. But Fizz is intrigued, and ropes in her sleuthing sparring partner, lawyer Tam Buchanan, to unearth the truth.

Soon they're on a trail leading from Edinburgh to Musselburgh, the Moorfoot Hills and the island of Arran - and back fifteen years.

A rich vein of humour runs through this tense and tantalising new novel from an acclaimed author.

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Death in the Highlands usually comes in the shape of illness or accident, and few doubt that one or the other has taken the life of Bessie Anderson. They can't be sure, though - for eighty-two-year old Bessie has vanished without trace. But when the body of a hiker is found in the mountains, it's definitely murder.

When 'Fizz' Fitzgerald suggests a connection between the two cases, the police can barely conceal their amusement. Giving them her best Shirley Temple smile, Fizz takes matters into her own hands, enlisting the reluctant help of lawyer Tam Buchanan. Tam's supposed to be enjoying a convalescent break after surgery but his plans for undiluted fishing and whisky-tippling are easily undermined by the single-minded Fizz.

Soon Tam is mingling with the locals, whose friendly banter conceals all manner of secrets, And it begins to look as though Bessie Anderson knew more than was good for her about one of her neighbours…