Joyce Holms - Hidden Depths
Here is the newest Fizz and Buchanan adventure. This time, Fizz's best friend from art school has disappeared, as has a Rubens painting she was cleaning. Irene's boyfriend, Ken, asks Fizz and Tam for help because he is very worried and the police don't seem to be efficient.

Irene and Ken were working at a manor house, Abbeyfield, so off go our intrepid lawyer/sleuths to solve the probIem. Of course, if they are seen to be interfering with the police in any way, they could lose their jobs. Tam worries more about this than Fizz who tends to dash off at the sound of an idea.

They meet Sir Douglas Fergusson and his sister, Lady Marjory, the staff at the estate, and the elderly ‘Nanny.' Tam is attracted to the head gardener, a lovely woman named Eddie. (Fizz does not find out that Eddie is female for some time.) An unpleasant and spiteful woman tells them that Irene left the estate when Ken was away for hours, intimating that she was having an affair. While Fizz doubted the affair part, they have to track her movements to see if they could find Irene. They also tramp through the woods and fields trying to find her or her body. They have all lost hope of finding her alive. The police are searching for the Rubens painting which seems to have disappeared completely.

Along the way, we learn more about what makes, Fizz tick. Her grandfather who raised her warned her about getting too close to anyone, and she tries to keep a tight leash on her emotions.

This is a delightful book in the series I thoroughly enjoy. Published in Britain, I ordered it from The publisher is Allison and Busby, hard cover ISBN: 0-74908-317-4

Sara Berger Editor, Mysterious Women