JOYCE HOLMS has written another terrific Fizz and Buchanan mystery, Missing Link ($39.95). Fizz Fitzgerald is now working as a lawyer and is shocked when Mrs. Sullivan, an elderly lady, approaches her and wants Fizz to prove her guilty of murder. Fizz thinks that her story is too good to be true but is determined to get to the bottom of it. As usual, she turns to Tam Buchanan for help. Tam has left the firm to set up his own practice and is more than reluctant to get involved but we all know that Fizz gets her way. Poor Tam.

A puzzling mystery - why is Mrs. Sullivan so eager to be guilty of murder? Was the person in prison wrongfully convicted? Who was the victim really - a generous upper class lady or a tart (Mrs. Sullivan's description)? The wonderfully humourous duo of Fizz and Buchanan are on the case. And, good news, a small US publishing house, Bloody Brits Press, will reissue the first Fizz and Buchanan mystery, Payment Deferred ($18), in January 2007. We can also get Hot Potato (#7) for $13.95 and Hidden Depths (#8) for $11.95, both of which are wonderful. Hopefully, more of the series will become available in the near future.

.Sleuth of Baker Street, Ontario, Canada