Joyce weaves a fascinating tale of murder, and deception. Can any of these retired show-biz geriatrics be involved with drugs?. The more Buchanan delves the more he becomes aware that no one is what they seem. Running along side the investigation is the tussle between Fizz and Buchanan, sometimes complex, always humourous and constantly challenging. The dialogue just sparkles, and Joyce has a gift for characterisation, in a few sentences she brings her personalities to life. Even Selina who first appeared in Foreign Body, and now has her paws well under Buchanan's table, plays an active part.
This is the fifth in the Fizz and Buchanan series and they just get better. Joyce's turn of phrase and tight plotting is a joy to the discerning crime reader. If you haven't yet sampled the Fizz and Buchanan series then don't delay. The earlier books are: Payment Deferred. Foreign Body, Bad Vibes and Thin Ice.

Lizzie Hayes (Editor, Mystery Women).