Thin Ice proves that Holms is adroit at creating a diverting cocktail, of suspense and humour. Her protagonists, Fizz and Buchanan, will keep their admirers more than happy.
Sunday Times

I'm a fussy old thing when it comes to the literary quality of detective fiction... I'm happy to notice the latest from a Scottish crime writer I hadn't caught up with until now.
The Glasgow Herald

THIS ONE'S HIGHLY ENJOYABLE. The chemistry between the pompous Scottish Solicitor and his sassy clerk-cum-sidekick gives an added bite to the story. A festive Edinburgh setting, lively pace and bright, sparky characters - it's pretty good.
Yorkshire Post.

This thriller moves along at a cracking pace and has all the hallmarks of Holms's humour.
Evening Telegraph.

Fizz and Buchanan are an extremely engaging couple who have a delightful, if somewhat volatile relationship. They are well drawn characters who are perfect foils for one another. I find it hard to think of another couple in the genre who blend so well together. Despite the serious nature of its subject Thin Ice stays light hearted and interesting. The various story lines are subtly but effectively included. HOPEFULLY THIS SERIES WILL SOON GAIN THE RECOGNITION IT DESERVES.
Ayo Onatade. Shots

Four days before Christmas at a family drinks party, Tam Buchanan, is buttonholed by his cousin Dr Mark Buchanan, who is desperate to enlist the services of Tam and Fizz to discover the whereabouts of a child of one of his patients, believed kidnapped by her husband, an unbalanced drug addict.
Tam is less than enthusiastic, particularly as Mark is eager to make the acquaintance of Fizz, law student and the bane of Tam's life, who has the knack of manipulating him into escapades he would prefer to avoid. Congratulating himself on skilfully manoeuvring Mark out of Fizz's path, Tam glancing round the room perceives Fizz perched on the arm of his mother's chair, a sight to freeze the blood, and one which places Tam Buchanan, conservative Edinburgh solicitor, on the horns of dilemma. Does he take his chance on Fizz's reticence with his mother or uncork Fizz's sleuthing powers.
Choosing the latter, plunges Tam Buchanan into yet another intrigue. Where is Robin, Hazel's child? Investigation leads Fizz to the hospital where Hazel works, and it is then a small step for Fizz, to suspect foul play in the recent death of one of the hospital's doctors, Arnie Baird.
This is the forth book in the Fizz and Buchanan series, and they just get better. Joyce weaves a very clever story, the title having a double meaning. The wit is as sparkling as ever, the mystery kept me guessing, the characterisation is wonderful, I could just see Selina leaping from the fanlight. No I am not going to explain, you just have to read the book.
The chemistry between Fizz and Buchanan continues to crackle and I found this book very satisfying and eagerly await the next.

Lizzie Hayes (Editor, Mystery Women).